Mild Dementia Care

Our homes are CQC registered and we provide excellent care and engagement for people with mild dementia. We have some excellent initiatives that help people with dementia and to keep them engaged and connected. We mainly focus on clients background and their hobbies to interact and to encourage them to

Dementia Care

Memory loss and dementia can also place a great burden on family members and caregivers. Many nutritional strategies are available to maintain healthy brain function during the transition into later age.

It’s important to remember that it is much easier to protect what memory we have, than to regain that which we have lost. Take advantage of the nutritional, functional and mental therapies available to prevent memory loss. The brain is very similar to our muscles. You have to use it or you’ll lose it. Experts believe that those engaged in mental challenges, puzzles, activities, crafts and other stimulating interests will retain better mental sharpness. This is great news as crossword puzzles, card and board games don’t require a trip to your doctor, or a prescription. As it provides very little mental challenge, extended television watching should be avoided.

Follow some of the principles below and develop your own mind-saving preventative strategies. Those concerned about existing memory loss might never get it back, but starting a program now can prevent further loss of function.

Diet always plays a significant role in preventing any chronic illness. Maintaining a healthy intake prevents inflammation in the brain, and keeps the blood vessels delivering life-sustaining oxygen, free of disease.
Our nutrional meal policy design to cater for individuals needs and preference, this way we always make sure each residents intakes are carefully monitored each day to improve health and wellbeing.